Our Core Belief

We at MarksUpp dream of making our planet earth more prosperous, full of equal opportunity, full of wisdom, full of intellectual people. This will lead to great wealth, happiness, and it will make earth a better place to live in the 21st century for us and as well as for our upcoming generations, by providing quality education upskilling, most affordable educational product and services to humanity.

We Believe to build communities around the same goal for students, in the first phase of life, students love to interact with their friends and peers with the same learning goal and we are making this thing happen by enabling the students to join their peers with the same language, same goal, and same dreams with the help of interactive content so that the student can learn with ease.

Our Advisors

Students are the epicenter of our all courses, innovation, and communities. It is constant feedback and need of the student to decide our next product and continuous improvement in courses, experience, and innovation. Our blood group is NNB+ (next new better).

Our Investors

Parents are our investors who have reposed faith in us, thus bolstering our core strengths, enabling us to do all we can to deliver only the best. You are the constant source of encouragement and inspiration for us to strive for the best

Our Ambassadors

Our teachers and content creators are the flag bearers of our approach to revolutionize the education system making it unique, immersive, gamified, and holistic for the students, sparking curiosity and thirst for learning and doing.

They constantly work hard to bring out the best and to make learning fun and easily digestible for students in a topic-wise manner. All the content videos, notes, test series, doubts, and DPPs all are prepared by top minds from top institutes.

Behind the scenes

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